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We respond various needs, and provide not only financial systems but also suitable solutions.

Our main services are online trade system “SIRIUS Series” which provides high usability and abundant contents, video wall system “ViewFlex” constituted by TCP/IP network basis, and completely new type of SNS app, “GoldLink” for people to make good relationships with others.



Speedy multi-asset / multi-device introduction

SIRIUS is our recent online trade system evolved by utilizing our accumulated know-how of securities since GIFI’s foundation and great experiences of development of financial systems.
SIRIUS provides high satisfaction of UX with not only user-friendly UI but also variety of contents (Strategy Tool, Repeat Order Tool, multifunctional charts, etc.).
Furthermore, since SIRIUS can support multidevice with just ONE server, we can quickly respond to any requirements of clients such as customization and system improvements. SIRIUS is the state-of-the-art financial system in today’s FinTech field.


Bitcoin Chart

Cryptocurrency technical chart

Developed using HTML 5 and Javascript, the GIFI Cryptocurrency Chart is an advanced charting service independent of an operating system or terminal. In HTML 5, the platform can be launched on a browser therefore, installation becomes unnecessary. Users have the ability to access this rich client across a variety of operating systems such as PC, IPad, and smartphones without sacrificing functionality. Technical indicators and drawing tools are integrated to provide optimal analysis and customization.


ViewFlex is a video wall system that uses proprietary Codec and has almost no output delay of the video / audio of the input source.
In addition, ViewFlex is a 3-tier configuration of a controller application that controls multi displays, an agent application that transmits videos and PC audio, and a server application of ViewFlex body. Therefore, it can display various combinations of contents with functions such as preset, scheduling, shift, etc.

GoldLink -Coming Soon-

GoldLink is a new AI type of entertainment of SNS application to understand essential personalities of you and important people surrounding you. With GoldLink, you deeply understand with your friends, your family, your colleagues and your partners and so build better relationships, your lifestyle will be more enriching.